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updated october 3. 2003

PSR2000 tools



Music Finder Editor V3.3 download

Here is a small tool to edit music finder files with MS Excel.
Following instruments from YAMAHA are supported :
PSR-2000, PSR-2100, PSR-1000, PSR-1100, CVP-203, CVP-205, CVP-207, CVP-209 & TYROS

It lets you
- load a MFD file with the [load MFD file] button in the "Main" sheet
- edit DATA in the "MFD" sheet
- save that data to a new MFD file with the [save MFD file] button in the "Main" sheet
- convert MFD files from one instrument to another.
The "Styles" sheet holds style names and instrument internal style numbers.

You can choose style names in the "Style Name" column of the "MFD" sheet.
"Style #" (internal style number) will be calculated automatically for the required instrument.
Beware, not all style names may be appropriate for a given instrument.

This tool requires that you know the basics of Excel.

You can do any editing in the "MFD" sheet as long as

  • you don't change the column structure, which means that Music Names remain in second column, Genres remain in third comlumn and so on... (but you can change or translate those column headers)
  • first record starts at line 2

Saving of records stops at first empty record number (in first column of "MFD" sheet).

This tool is freeware.

New in this version :

  • PSR2100/1100 support